⋆Molly Trudeau⋆

Not your grandma's artist page,

Molly Trudeau has been creating artwork since she can remember. From an early age she has known the only way for her to be is to be an artist. She holds a BA in Studio Art & Art History, in addition to an MA in Art & Museum Education from Indiana University Bloomington.

Since graduating Molly has moved about living and working in New York, NY, New Orleans, LA, and most recently Ann Arbor, MI. Each place she has worked as an artist and art educator. Molly’s artwork is inspired by the work she sees created everyday by children - the most uninhibited artists of all time. She hopes to also create work from a place of true reflection without regard to the norm and enjoys honestly just having fun with it.

Molly works in many mediums. She tends to focus on painting and textiles but has been known to make some killer paper-mache goods and costumes as well. Most recently she has learned how to code and is excited to create creative spaces on the internet for all!

At the end of the day though, she really just hopes looking at her work puts a smile on your face or gives you one of those good hardy needed chuckles for the day.

Exhibition History

2018/19 - Glitter Box - New Orleans, LA

2017/18 - Foundation Gallery - New Orleans, LA

2016/17 - Hall Barnett Gallery - New Orleans, LA

2014/18 - Mini Art Center - New Orleans, LA

2012 - CMA’s Staff Gallery, Governer’s Island - New York, NY